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Responsive recruitment within a changing tax landscape

With so many forces at play, reliance on high-performing tax teams has increased.

In a world where globalisation, finance transformation, digitalisation, and BEPS redefine taxation, the demand for skilled tax professionals is soaring. As businesses transition towards strategic tax approaches, competition for tax talent intensifies.

In this changing landscape, a responsive approach to tax recruitment is pivotal to mapping out and engaging tomorrow’s talent.

Unlike many other tax recruitment agencies, we’re not just transactional recruiters, we’re committed to empowering our tax community. We take pride in being the outsiders with the inside knowledge. We may not be insiders to the profession like you but by speaking to thousands of insiders every year, the bank of knowledge we accumulate can then be utilise to make lives easier for our candidates and clients.


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Alex and his team have become a key part of our Vertex global expansion in EMEA. Challenging him to help in sourcing quality candidates, as well as the communication to get them hired, is superb. If you need someone to help you expand in Europe and can’t have feet on the ground, Alex is a must have to success!


Alex is working with Avalara on building out its European VAT compliance and technology teams. He has brought a huge range of outstanding potential hires, very few of which we haven’t gone ahead and interviewed. A larger than regular proportion were hired. We put that down to Alex’s specialism and deep knowledge of the European VAT market. He has always offered a highly professional and flexible service, and I would highly recommend him to other recruiters.


Alex is my go-to consultant for all things VAT. He’s been able to source candidates for some very hard to fill roles. He always keeps me updated on the candidates and provides great insight into the market. He’s also very good at keeping in touch with his candidates after they start with us and feeding back on their thoughts. Alex is a truly professional agent who knows his industry inside out.


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Direct Tax

Amidst the swirling currents of political and economic flux, tax professionals find themselves in a uniquely advantageous position. The relentless march of automation and technological innovation, coupled with shifts in global trade dynamics and the burgeoning gig economy, has precipitated a surge in demand for direct tax expertise across both professional practice and industry sectors.

As specialists in direct tax recruitment, we navigate the landscape from entry-level positions all the way to Partner level roles.

Our modus operandi? We immerse ourselves in the market daily, scrutinizing hiring patterns, and expanding our web of connections. It’s our insatiable thirst for knowledge that sets us apart. Through unwavering diligence, we forge links with premier tax talent on a global scale, ensuring that we can seamlessly connect you with the best minds in the field.


Indirect Tax

The gradual shift from direct to indirect tax over recent years has rapidly transformed the tax function we once knew. And with the worldwide spread of VAT / GST, rate changes, and new compliance obligations, every day seems to present new challenges for the indirect tax professional.

As global indirect tax and VAT recruitment agency, we’re the outsiders with the inside knowledge that can keep you and your team abreast of this evolving industry.

Every day we analyse the global market, stay ahead of hiring trends and build upon our network. Our strength lies in our natural curiosity to constantly source more information. And by doing this, day in and day out, we’re able to connect you with the best indirect tax talent on an international scale.


Tax Technology

Ready or not, the digitalisation of tax is becoming the new normal. And the potential of technology is dependent on the ability of the human behind it.

As we venture further into the digital age of tax, many hiring managers begin to move into unchartered territory. This is why it’s crucial to have a specialist tax technology recruiter navigate you through the process.

Every day we’re engaging and immersing ourselves in the EMEA tax technology job market with the sole aim of keeping you connected and enabling you to build a successful tax function.