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Harvey John fast-tracks Grant Thornton Netherland’s indirect tax hires in just 6 weeks


Grant Thornton Netherlands  was confronted with a competitive Indirect Tax market, which proved to be a tough hurdle to overcome. Faced with dwindling applications and a struggle to attract talent across job grades, Robert-Jan Brethouwer committed substantial personal efforts to bridge the resource gap. This called for a strategic approach to reverse the decline and secure quality hires efficiently.

In response to the challenge, our tax team collaborated closely with Grant Thornton to devise a targeted recruitment strategy. Leveraging our expertise and industry insights, we were tasked with hiring 2 people into the indirect tax team.  The partnership yielded promising results, from our instruction in October 2023, both hires were made by the end of the year. 

“The communication with Ann & Alex was commendable. They ensured we were regularly updated, responsive to our needs, and flexible in their approach. Their communication style was clear and concise, ensuring we were always on the same page and fully informed of the recruitment process’s progress.”

Robert-Jan Brethouwer, Partner | Indirect Tax




Our approach was multifaceted, while traditional advertising channels yielded limited suitable applicants, our extensive network played a pivotal role. Leveraging personal connections, as well as wider our network, and our ability to swiftly recognise suitable profiles, we left no stone unturned in this search.


A successful search begins with an in-depth brief on the status quo of the team and the ideal profile. Following a discovery meeting with Robert, we began mapping the market and engaging with candidates.


After engaging with an offline and online candidate pool, we presented a shortlist of 6 qualified candidates. This was the product of around 150 engagements and 45 video meetings to qualify candidates. We ensured that Robert had a full summary of each profile to assist his interviews and that the candidates were prepared for each stage.


Leveraging personal connections and past placements, our Head of Tax, Alex Mann, had identified one successful candidate who had recently relocated to the Netherlands. The other successful candidate, placed by Ann Wheatley, came from outside our immediate network and was the product of being proactively presented with the opportunity to join GT.


A very smooth and consultative process….



Candidates interviews



Second stage interviews




Offers made and accepted


As far as recruitment processes go for a professional services firm, this was as smooth as it can get. The proactive approach spearheaded by Robert-Jan played a pivotal role in our success.

Robert really cares about his team and that is clear in his recent results of getting a 9.1 rating as a partner based on team feedback. Despite being busy, Robert really took the time to explain his current situation and tell us about the candidates he’d love to see. He was efficient with the recruitment process and gave constructive feedback to even the rejected candidates…and the feedback we’ve had from our placed candidates so far has been brilliant!”

Alex Mann, Director & Head of Tax

“We would certainly recommend Ann & Alex. Their customized approach, deep industry knowledge, and dedication to finding the right match for our needs were clear from the start. For organizations looking for a recruitment partner that truly understands the importance of matching skill sets with company culture, Ann & Alex are an excellent choice.”

Robert-Jan Brethouwer, Partner | Indirect Tax

Moving forward, Grant Thornton Netherlands stands poised for continued success with a refined recruitment strategy tailored to them.

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