Purpose, Vision & Values

Our defining principles


We are here to empower people and organisations to succeed, to positively impact lives and the wider communities we work with. This has been our purpose since 2004. It is why we get out of bed in the morning, choose to work so hard together, and feel so proud when people achieve their goals.


Our vision is to create a happy, successful business where we help people feel empowered to succeed and fulfil their aspirations.



Our Values


Recognising that our work can change people’s lives in a positive way, we care about the ambitions of our candidates, clients and our team. We help people to gain the confidence to thrive, progress in their careers and strive for excellence.


We aim to reduce complexity, communicating in an open, transparent and responsive way. Our primary focus is to place the right person in the right role, to the benefit of our candidates, clients and the reputation of our team.


Woven into the fabric of our culture is a passion for learning and pushing ourselves to be better. This drives us to develop as true consultants in our specialisms. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable industry influencers who are able to delve deeper into the issues affecting our loyal networks.


Avoiding conscious and unconscious bias in all business activities is paramount. Our decisions are always objective and we recruit the right people for a position regardless of age, race, sex, gender orientation, religious belief, disability or sexual orientation – for our clients and ourselves. We have a supportive culture where we celebrate each other’s successes and, when needed, we take the time to encourage each other.


We understand the importance of sincere and constructive feedback to our clients, candidates and team members. We are sensitive to our impact as a business; respecting our environment and actively working to improve our footprint.