Why we are a trusted business partner

On the 6th of June, we sponsored the first-ever Brighton Ladies Lunch held at The Grand Brighton. Before jumping into lunch, treats, and networking, I spoke about Harvey John, and what we believe sets us apart.

Something I’ve noticed over the years here at HJ is that the law firms we work with the best are the ones that let us in. The ones that can truly see the value that we add, leading to us becoming trusted business partners. We’re generally quite used to receiving a job spec and then starting the recruitment search right off the bat.

However, historically, it’s not as easy to sell the dream or the firm to prospective candidates that way. What’s always been important to us is understanding the culture of the law firm. Thinking of things such as where the new team member might fit in, what the firm could offer them in terms of progression and development, and even what they could gain from their colleagues. That’s not something you’ll always see in an initial job spec for a solicitor or associate. By developing that relationship with not only the HR team but also the partners and solicitors, we’ll know how to sell that dream.

After Ladies Lunch

I attended a recruitment event in London with one of our key legal clients. They had all attendees in for an initial meeting. In this meeting, the Head of Resourcing said that they very much regard all of us as ‘strategic partners’. Following this, we had a more informal meet and greet. We were able to meet associates, solicitors, and partners. This helped us to find out more about the culture, work-life balance, quality of work, and what their ‘USPs’ were. This is paramount in portraying the firm from one fee-earner to another. We want candidates to come to this firm because they know what they’ll be offered aside from just their duties and responsibilities, salary, hours, and annual holiday stats most recruitment agencies would focus on.

The main point I think about often is how we can help further than the expected recruitment service. When we get to know our clients, when we’re let in, our main goal is to add value. Then it’s to help with growing pains, find that elusive talent, grow the team, grow the business, add to the firm’s turnover and then some! Aside from immediate needs, sharing future growth plans means we can do that work for you ahead of time so we’re prepared when the time is right for growth. We’ll be with you, on one another’s radar, knowing what you’re looking for.

So just remember, when you let us in, we’ll be able to sell the candidates the dream that will get them in the door, even if they didn’t realise they wanted that door to begin with.

Hayley Rose is an Associate Director in the Legal Division at Harvey John.

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