Can you work with multiple recruiters?

Hiring the right talent for your organisation is crucial and, when a vacancy arises, you naturally want it filled as quickly as possible. Many businesses start using multiple recruiters, believing more recruiters equals more candidates, plus a faster hiring process. But, the reality that most don’t see is that engaging with too many recruiters can lead to certain pitfalls – and you may not get the result you want. 

So what are those pitfalls and what’s a smarter way to optimise your hiring process?

The Pitfalls 

1.Low Priority Vacancies

When you engage with multiple recruiters, your vacancy may not receive the attention it deserves. Recruiters will prioritise their retained and exclusive vacancies over others. As a result, your job might not get the focus and dedication you need to attract the best candidates.

2. Diluted Talent Pool

Casting a wide net might seem like a good idea, but this can backfire on your job post. When multiple recruiters approach the same candidates for the same job, it can create confusion and make your opportunity look less appealing. Especially with top candidates who are most likely to  be bombarded with similar opportunities. This leads to a diluted talent pool, making it harder to find the best fit for your organisation.

3. Poor Candidate Experience 

Candidates might be repeatedly contacted by different recruiters, asked the same questions, and pitched the same opportunity. This repetition can be tiring and frustrating for applicants, resulting in a negative perception of your company’s hiring process.

4. Perception of Desperation

Utilising too many recruiters can inadvertently signal desperation to potential candidates. They might wonder why your organisation needs someone urgently and why a more efficient hiring strategy isn’t in place. This perception can deter high-quality candidates who prefer to join companies with a well-structured and streamlined recruitment process.

The Smarter Approach

Instead of engaging multiple recruiters, consider a more focused and effective approach to fill your vacancies quickly:

1. Specialisation Matters

Identify three recruiters who specialise in your specific industry or job role. Look for agencies with a proven track record of successfully placing candidates in roles similar to yours. Their expertise will ensure they understand your needs and attract the right talent.

2. Evaluate Candidate Experience

Before making a decision, ask potential recruiters about their recent placements and the candidate experience they provided. A positive candidate experience is crucial for attracting top talent and maintaining your company’s reputation in the job market.

3. Choose One Expert

After evaluating the recruiters, choose one to represent your company for the vacancy. By selecting a single agency, you can streamline the process and ensure consistent communication with candidates.

Engaging with multiple recruiters might seem like a quick fix to fill your vacancies faster but, as demonstrated above, it can lead to several challenges and a less-than-optimal hiring process. 

By focusing on quality over quantity and selecting a specialised recruiter with a proven track record, you can ensure a better candidate experience, attract top talent, and maintain a positive employer brand. 

At Harvey John we have specialist recruiters across the Accountancy, Tax, Treasury and Legal markets, so if you are looking to fill a vacancy in those sectors, feel free to reach out to a member of our team.

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