5 reasons why you’re missing out on hiring top talent

Receiving the news that your preferred candidate has accepted another offer can be disheartening. So why are you missing out on hiring top talent? It’s crucial to identify and rectify the mistakes in your hiring process that may be causing candidates to drop out. Here are a few common pitfalls to consider:

Lengthy interview processes

Candidates value an efficient and timely hiring process. On average, the entire process should ideally take 4-6 weeks. Limit the number of stages to a maximum of three, including a first interview (conducted virtually), a second interview (in-person), and possibly a third interview involving HR. Streamlining the process reduces the risk of losing candidates due to prolonged decision-making.

Managing staff holidays

As we approach the peak holiday season, hiring processes may experience slowdowns. To navigate this, create a plan in advance. Identify individuals within your team who can conduct interviews in your absence or consider pausing hiring until you return to ensure a seamless process and prevent candidates from accepting other offers.

Not listing the salary

Did you know that omitting the proposed salary from job listings can deter potential applicants? According to Business Leader, nearly 80% of job seekers will not apply for a role if the salary is undisclosed. 23% of accountancy roles advertised last quarter did not list the salary. By clearly stating the salary range, you can attract more qualified candidates and avoid losing them due to uncertainty about compensation.

Generic job descriptions

If the job description is too generic and lacks information about the unique selling points of the role, and the company culture of growth opportunities, this can be losing you top talent. Exceptional candidates often look out for roles that align with their values and provide opportunities for growth and development. To attract the best talent, job adverts should be well-crafted, informative, and appealing. They should provide an accurate and positive representation of the company and its role.

Interviewer complacency

Recruitment is one of the strongest branding exercises. Whilst interviews are an opportunity for candidates to sell themselves to the employer and to the role they’ve applied to, you must not forget that it works both ways. This is also an opportunity for the candidate to make an evaluation of the company and for you to really sell yourselves as employers. You should aim to have every candidate you interview want to work for you.

To ensure that your hiring process is optimised and doesn’t inadvertently lead to the loss of talented candidates, reach out to our dedicated team for further advice and assistance. We can refine your approach and secure the top talent you seek.

Dani Prior is a Candidate Engagement Manager for the Accountancy division at Harvey John

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