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Tune in for our latest blog from the ‘Ask a Recruiter’ series, where we share questions our candidates have about anything within and outside of the job search process. Each week we’ll be answering one question that comes up in conversation with candidates. This week’s is about recruiters having applicable vacancies.

Our previous instalment tackled the question of sending CVs without permission. It’s well worth the read if this has happened to you.

A VAT Manager based in Switzerland asks:
‘I’ve got a great level of experience, but why do recruiters never have applicable vacancies?’

It can be easy to assume that recruiters are a one-trick pony. In the past, I’ve been wrongly labelled as a vacancy gatekeeper, but in fact, it’s quite the opposite! Indeed, we won’t always have a vacancy relevant to your background at any given time but maintaining a relationship with your ‘go to’ recruiter is essential as there are so many benefits we can still provide. The reality for any job seeker is that recruitment firms offer a free service that goes way beyond simply introducing a CV. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that?

Most reputable recruiters would have well-developed relationships with many a hiring manager. This could be with start-ups, SMEs, or global companies, meaning; access to an extensive portfolio of opportunities. If you’re speaking to anyone at Harvey John, then you likely come from a specialised background. You’re in a candidate-short market and hiring managers across the world want to see your CV. This is where a recruiter comes into their own as we’ll provide market research and a tailored plan just for you. We would work with you to devise a list of preferred employers and then approach them with a confidential ‘snippet’ of your experience. Trust me when I say this is one of the most successful ways of securing a new role as almost 70% of vacancies go unadvertised.


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