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The bad, the good and the…excellent. How to choose your recruiter?

When you decide that it’s high time to embark on your job search, you will soon start speaking with recruiters

And, since all of us have heard some recruitment horror stories, we’d like to explain how to differentiate between the bad and the excellent recruiter in the very first conversation.

The bad:

  • Talks more, pitching roles before understanding what you’re looking for
  • Makes you feel like you’re being pushed and rushed
  • Isn’t keen to find out more about you as a person.

It’s just a transaction.

The good:

  • Listens to you and presents roles adequate to your desires
  • Can describe the role in depth
  • Will have some general information such as the salary brackets

They are informative but you feel like you’re on your own in this process.

The excellent:

  • Wants to speak even if you’re not looking to move yet
  • Offers some market updates and helpful advice
  • Will give you some crucial information on the company, knows the team, and can tell you how many candidates they have placed within this organisation so far.

They are an expert in your niche. You want to ask them for help and support. You trust them to guide you. That’s Harvey John.


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