4 secrets to making the most of starting a new job

Now that you’ve settled into your new role, let’s talk about what you can do to make the most of this new job opportunity.

Embrace feedback

It’s an essential aspect of personal and professional development. Encourage both your manager and your direct reports to give you feedback. Share your thoughts on their projects as well. Remember – feedback doesn’t just mean constructive criticism! Remember that feedback can come in various forms. It could be praise for a job well done, highlighting good ideas, or acknowledging innovative solutions. By being open to feedback, you create opportunities for growth and improvement. Check this video for more.

Set goals

These goals can go beyond the ones outlined in your formal development plan. Consider setting personal goals that align with your aspirations and interests. Write them down and keep them visible on your desktop or in a place where you can regularly review and track your progress. Having clear goals helps you stay focused and motivated.

Keep a record of your achievements

Not only can it come in handy in your appraisal, it will also be useful if you begin to think about changing your job again. Set an hour aside every quarter for some self-reflection and progress evaluation. This record will serve as a valuable resource when updating your resume or discussing your achievements in job interviews.

And, most importantly, adopt a beginner’s mindset

As we grow our expertise, it’s common to get comfortable and have fixed, proven ways of doing things. The beginner’s mindset allows you to look at everything from a fresh perspective. This way, you will stay engaged, your work more creative and your company more competitive.


By embracing feedback, setting goals, recording achievements, and maintaining a beginner’s mindset, you can foster personal growth and stay motivated on your professional journey.

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