Interim Cover: A Stress-Free Year-End Solution

Financial year-end, one of the busiest times of the year for accountants, is almost upon us.

With workloads and deadlines quickly changing from feeling achievable and comfortable to leaving many finance teams feeling overwhelmed, overworked and understaffed as auditors make sure that their April deadlines are met. 

Throughout the year, business staffing needs can change. It might be a period of planned growth, new business or unplanned absences. During periods of sudden fluctuations in staffing requirements, when employees or colleagues find themselves stretched to their limits, recruiting interim expertise emerges as the optimal solution. Financial year-end is often one of those moments with many businesses looking for recruiters to help them find great interim cover who can support their existing teams.

Here at Harvey John, we have been specialising in Accountancy, Tax & Treasury and Legal recruitment since 2004. With our specialist interim recruiter Georgina Hayes having made many successful key interim placements already this year, she has an excellent network of immediately available accountancy contacts who can assist with the busiest time of the year.

We work very hard to maintain relationships with the best tried and tested interim talent in the market. We make sure we stay in close contact with our clients, so we can anticipate their recruitment needs and quickly make the best placements from our extensive talent pool. Professionals who can action their years of experience to hit the ground running with little support or training, allowing existing team members to focus on their business as usual or another end-of-year tasks. Qualified interim accountants can get up to speed quickly, and get the things you need doing, done.

The financial year-end presents a prime opportunity for businesses to enhance the skills of their existing team members, granting junior staff members the chance to assume greater responsibilities. Following this, their positions often shift to being occupied by a more junior interim placement. The advantage here lies in the interims’ ability to rapidly adapt and tackle challenges head-on, thereby reducing the need for extensive training and supervision.

From a candidate’s perspective, taking on an interim role at year-end is a great way to get your foot in the door and showcase your skills. Interims frequently extend their tenure beyond initial expectations, leading to offers of permanent positions as a result. Bringing knowledge to the table from other businesses is highly desirable by many employers.

So if financial year-end is creating stress or overwhelm, taking on an interim professional isn’t something to be scared of, in fact, it’s highly beneficial! A more hands on deck means less stress and more time in the day to get things done, leading to more wins and higher team morale. An additional benefit to also add is a reduction in errors due to increased colleague capacity, which is a win for both you and the Auditors.

To find out more about how to source interim cover or to find your next temp assignment, please contact our Head of Temporary & Interim Services, Georgina Hayes:


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