Why businesses choose interim professionals

Over the past couple of years, flexibility has emerged as the cornerstone of recruitment strategies.

What are candidates and companies looking for?

Candidates are looking for flexible working conditions so that work can fit seamlessly into their life rather than having to choose where to place their focus. But flexibility isn’t just for candidates. Many businesses are using flexibility in their hiring strategy to grow their businesses exponentially, and interim professionals are a key part of this plan.

But how do interim professionals help?

Interim professionals pick up skills, knowledge and best practices from across the industry which they can bring to the table and implement right away, meaning that they can generally bring more to the business than you ever thought was needed or possible, in an instant. This removes the non-profitable time generally given to training permanent hires to bring them up to speed. It also removes the issue of having a capped amount of new hires, allowing businesses to re-distribute hiring spending to other projects once one is complete.

Interim professionals offer a quick hiring solution for businesses who need to adapt urgently to unexpected changes and fluctuations in business requirements, without having to pull away from current staff from their daily duties. Interim professionals are used to getting up to speed quickly which means adding impact quickly.

These highly skilled temporary professionals are great at what they do as they are used to moving from project to project and joining a business at a time of flux and change. They thrive under pressure, are highly skilled, adaptable and knowledgeable, leaving them able to make an immediate impact on the business and leaving you reaching your business objectives quickly.

Why choose interim over hiring a permanent candidate

It can be time-consuming in the best of times, let alone when a business needs new talent and a new skill set quickly. Choosing a temp frees up the time trying to find a permanent member of the team. It allows you to act quickly and have tried and tested talent taking on the project, allowing you as a business to assess if you need someone to take this on as a full-time role in the future. And who knows, this interim talent might be open to becoming a permanent employee. Both businesses and candidates get a chance to ‘try before you buy’, so you know you have the right person for the right role with shared visions and values.

Harvey John is all about community, we make sure we find the best new temp talent and make it our business to stay in touch with our interim placements, and only re-place those with excellent feedback from previous clients. So you know you’re getting the best tried and tested talent.

To find out more about how to source interim talent or to find your next temp assignment, please contact our Head of Temporary & Interim Services, Georgina Hayes.

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