Relocating for work? How we can help

In our most recent ‘Ask a Recruiter’ series blog, a candidate was concerned about our head office location and if that determined the help we could provide. Before jumping into this week’s blog, check out last week’s question/answer on why we ask for your current salary.

A Commercial Property Solicitor based in Guildford asks: “I see you’re based in Brighton but I want to relocate elsewhere, can you still help?”

The short answer: of course, we can!

At Harvey John, we like to think that we’re experts in our respective fields, so you would be forgiven for thinking that we wouldn’t like to step outside of our niche/location. But there is nothing to stop us from working outside of our area if that’s what our candidate needs, frankly it’s a breath of fresh air from time to time!

In the Legal Team, we generally work with firms in the South East, putting a lot of time into building relationships and meeting our clients in person whenever possible. But for some firms, phone calls, Skype meetings and email will always be the most effective way to get in touch. If this is the case, then you can have these lines of communication from anywhere. And as our Tax Team proves by working all over Europe and further afield, location is no barrier.

In cases where we do not already have contacts, forging relationships and introducing both themselves and a potential candidate is where a good recruiter can add value to your application. Instead of being a seemingly random CV from the wrong side of the country, a good recruiter will be able to give your profile context and flesh out your application, meaning that now you are a real person a manager can see as part of their team.

No modern recruiter has a network based purely on location: national firms and candidates, clients and colleagues mean that chances are, we already have a connection wherever you would like to go!

Tune in for our next instalment of ‘Ask a recruiter’. If you want to get in touch about a question you’d like to ask us, contact our team.

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