NQ job offer: What do I do next?

Continuing from our ‘Ask a Recruiter’ series, where we share questions we receive about interviews, CVs, the application process, and more, we’ve got a new question about how to approach the NQ role. (If you missed our last ‘Ask a recruiter’ blog, have a read of “Ask a recruiter: Can I negotiate an offer when I’ve applied directly?“)

An NQ Solicitor from London asked me: “My firm’s offered me a newly qualified role and I’ve accepted for the time being, but I’m looking elsewhere. Should I include this job in my CV?”

The simple answer: Yes!

Regardless of your future plans, highlighting your NQ role can greatly enhance your chances of securing a desirable position elsewhere. Here’s why:

Demonstrates demand and value:

By accepting an NQ role offered by your current firm, you are conveying to other employers that you are in demand and highly valued within the legal profession. It reflects positively on your capabilities and the recognition you have received from the firm you trained with.

Highlights career progression:

Including your NQ job on your CV shows that you have successfully completed your training contract and progressed to a more advanced stage in your legal career. It demonstrates your commitment and dedication to the profession.

Validates your decision-making skills:

Moving to a new firm or exploring other opportunities is a common occurrence among NQ solicitors. Especially in the first 3 – 6 months of the training contract ending. By explicitly mentioning your decision to accept the NQ role, you convey that you are actively making informed choices about your career path.

Reflects practical experience:

Your NQ role provides valuable practical experience that can be highly relevant to other employers. It showcases the work you have undertaken, the clients you have interacted with, and the legal matters you have handled. This can be particularly advantageous when applying for positions that require similar skills and expertise.

Adds credibility to your CV:

A reputable law firm offering you an NQ position lends credibility to your professional profile. It indicates that you have met the standards and requirements of your training firm, which can make you an attractive candidate for potential employers.


Remember, your CV is a marketing tool designed to present your skills, experiences, and accomplishments to potential employers. Including your NQ job demonstrates your professional growth, experience, and marketability. It provides valuable information to employers and positions you as a desirable candidate for future opportunities.

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