Mastering your body language for interview success

You’re prepared for the job interview in terms of your inner game. Now, it’s crucial to recognize the impact your body language can have on the impression you make. 

Our posture, gestures, and facial expressions are an essential part of the way we communicate.

In this inspiring talk, Amy Cuddy proves that “body language may shape who you are” so when you’re getting ready for this face-to-face interview, it’s worth considering your non-verbal communication.

As you prepare for the face-to-face interview, consider incorporating some key tips to enhance your body language and leave a lasting impression:

Before the interview: 
  • Fake it till you make it. Smile and stand in a confident pose. Smiling and standing tall can make you feel more self-assured and project confidence to those around you.
  • A firm dry handshake inspires confidence – rub your hands together to warm them up. This will help convey a sense of warmth and assurance.
  • When being invited to the meeting room – follow with purpose and energy to set a positive tone from the start.
During the interview: 
  • Don’t cross your arms and legs – have an open posture. This signals receptiveness and approachability. Don’t make yourself small!
  • Lean in slightly during key moments to demonstrate your genuine interest in the conversation. Tilt your head towards the interview panel to convey attentiveness.
  • An interesting non-verbal cue is revealing your carotid artery. You’re sending an unconscious signal that you trust the other person.
  • Nod when they’re talking. This indicates you’re switched on, actively engaging and attentive.
  • Mirror their body language. It can create a sense of connection and understanding. You will subtly communicate a shared perspective and build rapport.


Embracing the nuances of body language adds an extra layer of magic to your interview prep. So, go ahead, give it a shot, and let your body language speak volumes about the amazing candidate you are!

David Waddell is the Managing Director at Harvey John.

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