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How to tell if a role could be the perfect match?

You’ve seen an interesting job advert. Or you’ve just finished a call with your recruiter. And it’s got you thinking…

Would this position be the right one?

To help you figure this out all you need to do is to write down your answers to some essential questions. It may help to approach this as you would if you were going to buy a new car*.

Why do you want to change?
(Your main motivation, e.g. you need a bigger car for your road trips)

What features you’d like to keep?
(What aspects do you want to make sure you’ll keep if you make this change, e.g. you love silver cars)

 If you had a magic wand and could alter any aspect of your current situation, what would you change?
(These will be all the extras – e.g. a better sound system, air conditioning etc.)

What you are likely to miss but you’ll be fine without?
(This would be the sacrifice you’re making, e.g. the sentimental value of the car)

And now, simply check the new opportunity against your answers and you should have an understanding if it’s a good match for you at this point.

*When thinking of your career, you’d probably want to focus on the following aspects: corporate culture, job content, flexible work arrangements, team structure, management, location/commute, study support, the opportunity for advancement, prestige, salary, additional benefits…

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