Being contacted by recruiters at work

We’re continuing our new blog series titled ‘Ask a recruiter’ where we’ll be sharing questions we receive about interviews, CVs, the application process, and anything our candidates might be concerned or curious about. If you missed our last blog, have a read “How do I get Interview Feedback”)

Each week we’ll be answering one question that comes up in conversation with candidates; this week’s being about recruiter contact.

A VAT Solutions Consultant based in London asks:
“Why do recruiters contact me on my work line email knowing I’m at work?”

We get it. You’re at work, the last thing you want is for your colleagues to know you’re speaking to a recruiter. You may receive e-mails or out-of-the-blue calls which will catch you off guard, but fear not, we only have good intentions!

In an ideal world, we would always strive to get in touch outside of your normal work hours or lunch breaks. However, variables such as the Monday night Zumba classes prevent that from happening. What should be known is that, when we do call you, we’re purposefully very confidential about the whole matter.  For example: ‘I’m aware you’re likely at work right now and unable to talk, but if you’re interested in talking about the [x] role, would you be free at 18:00 this evening?’. The idea around this is that we’re not forcing anyone to stay on the phone, but we can still inform you about positions of interest, without asking pressing questions that would certainly give away who you’re talking to. Essentially, asking you to arrange a more discrete time in which we can discuss it to our heart’s content!

The benefits of this? Well, we’ve approached you as a result of our prior research. We’ve matched your profile as the top talent for the specific role we’re working on. You’re bound to get messages from recruiters from time to time, and your employer knows it, but if you’re aware of why we make that initial call or e-mail, then worry not…take it as a compliment.

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