What sort of questions should I ask at an interview?

We’re starting a new blog series titled ‘Ask a Recruiter’ where we’ll be sharing questions we receive about interviews, CVs, the application process, and anything our candidates might be concerned or curious about. Each week we’ll be answering one question that comes up in conversation with candidates; this week’s being about interview questions.

An EMEA VAT Analyst based in London asks: “What sort of questions should I ask at an interview?”

That’s a great question and one that comes up quite a lot! You’ll want to be asking questions that – assuming you get the job offer – will massively help in your decision-making process. I always suggest to my candidates to break down their questions into three categories.

Micro | Macro | Personal

What do these mean though?


Find out what’s taking place within the team. The day-to-day tasks, team structure, and training you might have. Understanding the finer details of your prospective role within the team can contribute significantly to your overall job satisfaction and integration.


It’s the bigger picture. See if there are company developments or growth plans in the pipeline. How does the team influence the company on a broader scale? This insight into the organization’s future can aid you in aligning your career goals with the company’s vision.


Everyone loves to be asked about themselves! Check out the interviewer’s LinkedIn or company profile and ask them something specific about their experiences. This achieves three things:

  • You’ll boost your interviewer’s ego.
  • You’ll showcase that you’ve done your research.
  • You’ll come away with an understanding of the personal experience of someone who has been there and done it!


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