5 great reasons to work with Harvey John

Job hunting is tough. We know how difficult it can be to search for a new role – not to mention trying to land the right role.

What you need is a great recruitment consultancy.  Harvey John can assist you in your job search and provide the extra guidance or insight you will need to move into your next challenge.

Why choose to work with Harvey John?

1. We’re specialists in your sector

These days, the best recruiters are those who have a thorough understanding of a specific industry and its employers. As specialists in Accountancy, Tax & Treasury and Legal recruitment, our consultants are all experts in their fields. This allows us to fully understand your career aspirations and find the best match for you. Also, our insight into the industry and a prospective employer will help us give you that all-important edge over other candidates to ensure you stand out from the crowd in an interview.

2. We use the best tools

As with most industries these days, the world of recruitment is moving at a fast pace. Therefore, we need to use advanced tools and intelligent databases to ensure that we are always up to date with the market. This is so that your profile can easily be matched up with potential opportunities available. Our consultants and researchers all have the training to stay at the forefront of recruitment technology, which puts us a step ahead of many of our competitors.

3. Strong client relationships

As experts in our respective fields, we know our markets well. From global and corporate businesses to exciting new companies that are on the rise. Importantly, we have strong relationships with the people within those businesses.

Our focus on customer excellence has given us an unrivalled reputation amongst employers (some of our candidates subsequently become clients) and they rely on us to find quality candidates that are a perfect fit for their culture. This is based on a deep understanding of our client’s businesses and developing long-term relationships.

4. Our proactive approach

With an ever-growing database, we take a proactive approach and keep in touch with our candidates regularly. This means that your CV won’t be dwelling at the bottom of the huge pile – and you certainly won’t be left waiting to know how you got on at your latest interview.

Even if there are no current vacancies to match your interests when you register with us, we welcome you to become part of our network of industry contacts. We need to get to know the candidates we work with, to be able to ‘sell’ your profile to suitable employers that you’re interested in.

5. It’s free!

Rather than paying CV writers or interview coaches, you get those services all for free through Harvey John. We provide feedback on your CV and LinkedIn profile. We will also always prepare you thoroughly for any interviews and ensure we get a hold of constructive feedback afterwards. Our insight into a specific company’s culture will also allow us to advise you on the different personalities within that business, so you can tailor your interview approach accordingly allowing you to get the maximum out of each opportunity that is presented to you.

So get in touch!


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Georgina Trudgill is an Associate Director in the Finance division at Harvey John.

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