George’s Sabbatical Travels

In spring 2015, Associate Director George Trudgill decided to take a sabbatical, leave the rest of us in the Harvey John office and set out to travel the world.

For an adventurous 5 months, George visited 11 countries in total: Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), the US, Canada, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos.

She came back from her sabbatical travels full of excitement and with stories from all the cultures she had encountered. We asked George what her highlights were:

Top experience

My highlights would definitely be seeing the salt flats, geysers and flamingo lagoons in Bolivia all amazing experiences combined in one excursion.

Also, I have to mention the feeling of reaching the top of Dead Woman’s Pass during our Inca trail hike. This was after 5 hours of climbing steps and slopes, at up to 4,217m above sea level.

Favourite place

I would have to name Bolivia as my favourite country. In terms of cities, I really loved Cusco in Peru and Vancouver in Canada.

The weirdest thing you ate

That would have to be either an alpaca steak or a fried tarantula leg!

Did you miss home at all?

That’s difficult. With all the fantastic places I went I will say that I was very glad I had my DEET mosquito spray with me!

We are now happy to have George back in the office, it’s like she never left!


George’s sabbatical not only provided her with unforgettable experiences and a fresh perspective but also demonstrated the importance of taking time off to explore and rejuvenate. At Harvey John, we recognize the value of sabbaticals in fostering personal and professional growth. It allows our team members to step outside their daily routines, gaining new insights, cultural understanding, and a broader worldview. By encouraging such experiences, we believe that our team members return with enriched perspectives, contributing not only to their own development but also enhancing the overall dynamism and creativity within our organization.

Georgina Trudgill is an Associate Director in the Finance division at Harvey John.

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