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Ask a recruiter: I received a NQ job offer but am looking to move elsewhere

Continuing from our ‘Ask a recruiter’ series, where we share questions we receive about interviews, CVs, the application process, and more, we’ve got a new question about how to approach the NQ role. (If you missed our last ‘Ask a recruiter’ blog, have a read of “Ask a recruiter: Can I negotiate an offer when I’ve applied directly?“)

A NQ Solicitor from London asked me: “My firm’s offered me a newly qualified role and I’ve accepted for the time being, but I’m looking elsewhere. Should I include this job in my CV?”

The simple answer: Yes!

It’s always important for law firms to see that you’re in demand, highly valued by your firm, and capable – and there’s no better way to show them that than to be offered a NQ job from the firm you trained with.

You could be planning on moving law firms as soon as you qualify or accepting your current firm’s offer and keeping an eye out elsewhere – if you’re not planning on staying put, you should make the point that it’s your decision to move. 

A large number of NQ solicitors move firms within the first three to six months of their training contracts ending. Many will qualify and move straight into the right role, but some will wait a little while to decide what’s right for them. 

Whether you wanted to see what qualified life would be like in your firm or you’re still waiting for the right job to come along – if you’re updating your CV after taking a NQ job, you should always include it.


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