Your first weeks in a new job.

Wondering what to focus on during your first weeks in a new job?

Instead of elaborating on some obvious things such as:

  • Finding a buddy – someone who’s been with the company a while and can support your transition
  • Updating your social media (Linkedin!), setting up your Twitter accordingly (follow your company and the industry leaders etc.)
  • Socialising as much as you can, accepting lunch invitations, talking to as many people as possible (easier to introduce yourself now, when you’re new, rather than in 3 months)
  • Attending all the training sessions (you’ll get busy quickly and never get back to these if you miss any now).

Let’s discuss the real opportunity that comes with changing a job.

A fresh start.

Take this opportunity to reflect on your past challenges and areas where you may have struggled. Make it a personal goal to address and overcome these in your new environment. This combination of a new job and a fresh perspective is a catalyst for progress. Approach your work with an open mind, embracing new ideas, strategies, and approaches. Be willing to learn from your colleagues, take on new challenges, and adapt to the unique dynamics of your new workplace.

For example, be sure to set the right boundaries within your first weeks. Establish the ways of communication, acceptable response times, approaches to projects and expected working hours with both your boss and direct reports and stick to them.

A fresh mindset in new surroundings is a magical combination that offers a chance to progress!

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