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Tips for handing in your notice gracefully

Congratulations on making the brave decision to change your job and getting a great offer. Now it’s time to face one of the least enjoyable elements of the process: handing in your notice.



Wait until you have received your official offer letter and schedule a meeting to inform your manager about the decision in person. Have a letter of resignation ready to formalise the arrangement.

Be prepared for all possible outcomes

Would you accept a counteroffer? Under what conditions? If you’re determined to leave, make sure you know how to reject the counteroffer respectfully. That leads us to:


It’s good to mention some reasons for leaving, your manager will almost certainly ask. It’s best if you can present some fact-based reasons in a positive way.

End goal

The outcome of the meeting is to agree on what your last day will be, and what you’re deliverables are between now and your final day, plus resolve any additional issues such as remaining holidays.

Be professional

You might need a reference from your current manager one day, leaving on a good note could be crucial to your future career.

Callum Mckenna is an Associate Director in the Finance Division at Harvey John.

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