Jackpot: You got the job offer!

Congratulations! Finally, you got the job offer. If you’re thinking of accepting, this means that your salary expectations have probably been met. 

Now, what other elements of the offer are worth a closer look? It’s wise to shift your focus beyond just the salary digits. The real essence lies in asking a fundamental question:

“What truly matters to me?”

Do you have a clear view of the promotion opportunities? Any timeframes for this to happen? Clear goals / KPIs to meet in order to secure the advancement? Understanding the trajectory for career growth is key to making an informed decision.


Will the new position require you to learn a lot? Are you going to be supported in this process by the company? Training budget? Assessing these aspects ensures that your professional development aligns with your aspirations.


Is there someone who’s going to help you with your development? Who could support you during challenging moments? Having a mentor can be invaluable for your personal and professional development, providing insights and guidance as you navigate your career path.


Are you able to work from home at times without any hassle? Will you be able to fit your life commitments around this new role? Striking a balance between work and personal life is essential for long-term job satisfaction.


Sometimes obvious but location can really affect your well-being. A long commute means you’ll be less efficient and will also impact your work-life balance. It’s worth pondering how the job’s location aligns with your lifestyle and daily commitments.


What’s the real overtime policy? Will you need to be available evenings and weekends? Is it 9-5.30 but no one leaves before 7 pm? Ensuring that the company’s expectations align with your lifestyle is crucial for a harmonious work-life balance.


Decoding a job offer goes beyond the salary negotiation phase. By considering aspects like career progression, learning opportunities, mentorship, flexibility, location, and work-life balance, you can really evaluate if the job is for you. It’s not always about just finding the next job; it can be about building a fulfilling and sustainable career.

Callum Mckenna is an Associate Director in the Finance division at Harvey John.

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