Tax & Treasury Recruitment: The Harvey John Advantage 

With so many forces at play, there’s become an increasing reliance on high performing tax and treasury teams. Identifying the right recruiter is therefore paramount but, with over 30,000 recruitment agencies in the UK alone, how do you know where to start? 

Whether you’re a hiring manager or a job seeker, what was once a relatively straightforward task is now a minefield. 

Specialist recruiters, like Harvey John, cut through the white noise. By building teams around specific disciplines, we then go deeper into our specialisms by enabling each recruiter to own and represent a niche within that profession. Our tax and treasury recruiters, for instance, each have unparalleled in-depth knowledge of their markets and are positioned in a way that enables them to identify top talent but also to offer strategic insights and guidance to both clients and candidates

Working with a recruiter who knows the market better than the industry professionals themselves pays huge dividends. Not only are they a step ahead when identifying the business needs and providing solutions, they know exactly where to look which results in reducing time-to-hire by approximately 40% (we’ve even had instances of completing assignments up to 80% quicker than other recruiters).

The outsiders with the inside knowledge

By constantly networking within the tax and treasury communities, our recruiters create opportunities, whether that be giving you access to the ‘hidden job market’ or helping their clients identify new market opportunities, such as leads, team moves, or acquisitions.

Ultimately, we take pride in being the outsiders with the inside knowledge. We may not be insiders to the profession like you but by speaking to thousands of insiders every year, the bank of knowledge we accumulate can then be utilise to make lives easier for our customers. 

Let the numbers do the talking

Trust Through Repeat Business

75% of last year’s tax & treasury placements were repeat clients.This is a testament to the confidence our clients have in our services, which is why we’re confident that once a business lets Harvey John in, they stick with us.

“I have worked with Alex for just over 5 years, as both a candidate and hiring manager. When comparing Alex with other recruiters I have worked with, he stands out as someone who truly understands the candidate he is putting forward…not only does he understand the client, he makes sure he understands the business, the team, and particularly the role the candidate is interviewing for….Because of Alex’s knowledge of the Indirect Tax job market (both domestically in the UK but also Worldwide) I would not hesitate to recommend Alex and Harvey John when searching for your next hire.”

Sam Baker, Manager – Global VAT Compliance and Reporting at RSM

The best recruiters are those with a deep understanding of a specific industry and its employers. At Harvey John, we take a meticulous approach to recruitment. Rather than merely filling a vacancy when it arises, we strive to understand our clients business needs, culture, and future direction – all things that help us create meaningful relationships that stand the test of time. 

“A valuable lesson I have learned through my time as a recruiter is understanding our role. We are a third party. We are here to advise both the client and candidate and, ultimately,  identify a solution. We are not here to make decisions for anyone or try to convince someone to make a choice that isn’t right for them or their organisation. –

“We are there to provide options and identify solutions but, as recruiters, we need to allow the client, or candidate, to have the final say, not to twist their arm.” 

Guy Middleton, Head of Treasury at Harvey John 

Quality Over Quantity

Unlike the average recruiter who manages up to 20 assignments at any one time, Harvey John’s  tax & treasury recruiters streamline their work to allow capacity for a maximum of 4-6 in-house mandates. We don’t play the numbers game, we work strategically to ensure that the odds of your vacancy being filled are at their highest with Harvey John. Working this way means that we can deliver a more focused and efficient service that reduces your time-to-hire and saves you money.

A Perfect Record: 100% Retained Success

Our track record speaks volumes. 

On retained assignments, we have maintained a 100% success rate. We won’t recommend a retained solution for every hire but, when it’s needed, knowing that you’re working with a team who have perfect fill rate does offer reassurances. 

Our track-record for exclusive assignments is also something to shout about. Over the last year, 28 out of 29 exclusive mandates were filled by our tax team and our treasury team boasted a perfect 100% success rate on all exclusive searches. 

These numbers demonstrate that we don’t just back ourselves, we deliver. 

Content-driven recruiters

A unique element of the Harvey John recruitment process is the pivotal role played by our Research & Content (R&C) team.

Collaborating with our consultants on exclusive and retained assignments, our R&C team enables us to  streamline our recruitment procedures and ensure that we are omnipresent in our markets and execute the most efficient recruitment methodologies. And by diligently orchestrating marketing strategies and creating industry specific content tailored to our tax and treasury communities, we are able to go beyond transactional recruiting and offer you insights that help you make informed decisions. 


Being content-driven is central to our approach and we have a lot more in store for 2024. We’re not just transactional recruiters, we’re committed to empowering our tax & treasury community with valuable market insights.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve delivered…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Behind the scenes, we’re continually leveraging our knowledge and network to help clients and candidates alike uncover new opportunities. In 2023 alone, this led to:

  • Acquisitions
  • Team moves
  • New partnerships
  • New business
A Global Reach

The world of tax and treasury knows no borders, and neither do we. Our team has successfully completed assignments in 28 countries. 

This global reach highlights our ability in maneuvering through diverse markets and offering solutions across borders. For clients with a global footprint or those seeking specialised expertise, we are a single point of contact who can bring you the solutions you need.

Diverse Clientele, Unparalleled Expertise

From boutique firms to the Big 4, startups to established enterprises, our client base spans the entire spectrum. This breadth of experience equips us with unique insights and an extensive network, ensuring we find the perfect match for your specific needs.

So whether you’re a client or candidate, Harvey John Tax & Treasury are poised to take your recruitment experience to new heights.

For more information, contact our team…

Alex Mann – Head of Tax (UK & EMEA)

Ann Wheatley – Indirect Tax (Practice, UK & EMEA)

Ewa Milner-Walker Direct Tax (Europe)

Guy Middleton – Head of Treasury (UK & EMEA)

Rachael Turquand – Treasury Research & Content

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