Solicitor turned Legal Recruiter: Hayley Rose

From the beginning – the legal bit!

Hayley Rose:

I qualified as a solicitor in 2007, specialising in Commercial Dispute Resolution. I loved it apart from the time recording! That feeling of logging off at the end of a day and realising I hadn’t accounted for 4 hours of my day! 

So Hayley, why recruitment?

I ask that myself daily! This role was able to offer me the flexibility I was looking for in an attempt to juggle being a mum and my career with equal success! Approaching three years in the job, was the right decision.

What key differences have you found? Are there any similarities?

The bit I loved about being a solicitor was helping my clients as well as building strong partnerships with them. This is a key similarity to that of my role as a recruitment consultant. I love helping my clients find the right person and equally my candidates find the perfect role. I am very hands-on and building relationships is crucial in my opinion. A big difference and what I sometimes struggle with is that ultimately recruitment is a sales role, but it’s more than that – far more!

It must help to be a solicitor to recruit solicitors, right?

It helps; I can get more into the technical nitty-gritty of a role and have better empathy and understanding when speaking to candidates.

Plans for the future?

I want to be the person that lawyers turn to when they ultimately decide they want to move firms, working with them very much on a collaborative consultancy basis, where there is mutual trust and respect.

Hayley Rose is a Director in the Legal Division at Harvey John.

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