Looking for a job has changed!

In the current climate, you have to be a little smarter when looking for a new job. From the initial application and submission of your CV to raising your online profile and visibility.

Whether you apply via a job board advert, through social media or directly to a company, there are still basic rules to follow!

  • Cover letters are still important to differentiate your application from the competition. However, they should be concise and specific to the job you are applying for. This also applies to the profile on the CV which should be tailored to each application.
  • Sending your CV en masse whether suitable for the role or not, does not work and is not a route to success.
  • A CV should be a good mix of achievements and duties. The more experienced candidate should focus on achievements as the CV could become a repetitive list of duplicated duties.  Highlight specific achievements of each application.
  • A CV should be no longer than three pages, choose a format that can be easily scanned and use bullet points!
  • PDF you’re CV so it can be viewed on various mobile devices.
Stand out from the crowd!

A previous blog, LinkedIn or Out?, raised the point that if you have a LinkedIn profile then make the most of it! Technology and social media have altered the way some employers consider candidates.  Not all vacancies are advertised, some agencies and clients are searching online for suitable candidates.

  • Spend a few minutes each day on LinkedIn to make new connections and keep your profile up to date.
  • Make full use of the skills section, the more specific they are the better!  These are searchable and could bring you to the notice of a potential employer.
  • Ensure that the photo is ideally professionally taken. This initial impact could make a difference. Don’t be tempted to take one yourself by using your smartphone!
  • Your LinkedIn profile is effectively your online CV. Have a concise summary, and some quality recommendations and have a focus on increasing your connections.
  • Joining industry groups can build your visibility.
  • Following companies on LinkedIn will also let you know whether they are recruiting so the opportunity to work for a favoured organisation is not missed!
  • Then there is Twitter and Facebook! But let’s leave that for another day!

It is not rocket science and maybe even a little patronising but following some basic rules and new approaches could make all the difference in finding your next job!

David Waddell is Managing Director at Harvey John.

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