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Get the most from your video interview!

Yes! You’ve been invited to a video interview!  

Why celebrate?

Video interviews offer great advantages if used wisely. 

Better than phone interviews:

  • You get to build a rapport by maintaining eye contact 
  • You can see the reaction of interviewers and adjust
  • They give you more insight into the company’s culture

Better than face-to-face interviews:

  • You can have your notes with you  (job description and company facts)
  • You’ll feel less intimidated than going to the company’s headquarters
  • No travel stress!

But still, fail to prepare = prepare to fail.

Use our tips from the phone interview guide, plus:

  • Check your surroundings; have a tidy up – interviewers don’t want to see your dirty laundry…
  • Dress to impress!
  • Good lighting (so you don’t look like a zombie)
  • Strong internet connection.

Last but not least, block the time off on your calendar and make sure you won’t be disturbed

Sound career advice. Always under 200 words.

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