Your last days checklist

So, you’ve had your meeting and handed in your letter of resignation and now it’s only a matter of weeks until you’ll be leaving the company and your team. 

Follow our last-day checklist to help you leave on a good note, ensuring a smooth transition and leaving a positive impression on your colleagues! 

Delegate Responsibilities

Your obligations. Make sure all your responsibilities are assigned to someone else. Provide clear and concise instructions on how to complete any complex tasks to facilitate a smooth transition. Finish any ongoing projects or assignments to the best of your ability. If possible, create a handover document outlining the project status and any necessary information for your successor

Transfer Data Access

Think of any data that only you have access to – discuss with your manager who takes it over, and who should the information be passed over to. Make sure you clear your desk and delete all your personal data/ history from company devices! Discuss with HR any necessary paperwork, such as final paychecks, benefits information, or retirement accounts.

Strengthen Connections

Invite crucial connections on Linkedin. If you have built strong relationships with certain colleagues, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. Feel free to return the favour and write supportive recommendations for your direct subordinates or peers.


On your last day…

  • Clear your desk and return any company property. Don’t forget to take any personal belongings with you!
  • If it’s in line with the corporate culture, invite people for a leaving lunch or bring in some treats.
  • Send a positive and friendly farewell email or text message, it will leave a lasting impression. Consider leaving your contact details (a personal email address, LinkedIn profile or phone number if you’re working for a smaller organisation).

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