Interview the interviewer

What’s the easiest way to emphasise your motivation during a job interview? Interviewing the interviewer is a great technique to use to demonstrate this.

Typically, you will have a chance to ask some smart and thought-provoking questions at the end of the interview. Think of this time as your moment to shine. Don’t underestimate the significance of this moment—it’s a chance for you to showcase your intelligence, enthusiasm, and genuine interest in the role and the company. Thoughtful questions can leave a lasting impression on the interviewer and set you apart from other candidates. Here are some examples of smart and thought-provoking questions you can ask:

Some examples:

Show your enthusiasm for the role:
  • How are you going to assess performance for the position?
  • What type of background would be best suited for this position?
Show real interest in the company:
  • What are the biggest challenges facing the business right now?
  • How are you adapting to (some specific changes) in the market?
Prove that you think long-term:
  • Can you tell me a bit more about your 3-year strategy?
  • What are the prospects for professional growth and development?
  • What is the career path for someone in this position?

Something extra:

Ask about your interviewer’s story or point of view.
  • What do you appreciate about this company?
  • What do you think of the future of the team?
  • What values do you live by in your team?


This is not an exhaustive list, but it offers a starting point to inspire you to craft your own questions. This is your chance to leave a lasting impression. To differentiate yourself from others. To reiterate your interest in the role and the company. Remember, the interview is a two-way conversation. Don’t be afraid to engage with the interviewer and inquire about the aspects that matter most to you.

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