The art of creating a stellar CV

Creating the perfect CV should be simple. Copy your Linkedin profile content into a text document and voila! Job done!

If only it was that easy. There’s an art to creating a stellar CV…

There’s lots of advice on the Harvey John website on how to write a CV,  let’s discuss some critical aspects.

Two questions to ask yourself before submitting your CV:

Does it contain relevant keywords?

Many companies now employ ATS to streamline their hiring process, which means that your CV will often be screened by an algorithm before it ever reaches human eyes. This means that if your CV lacks essential keywords related to your field, it might get rejected automatically, no matter how qualified you are. Strike a balance between using relevant keywords and maintaining a natural flow in your writing, ensuring that your CV passes both the algorithmic and human read-through.

Is it easy to read?

Does it look good? – can the reader understand what your experience is? A cluttered or disorganized CV can make it difficult for the reader to understand your career trajectory and future aspirations.

And now, the biggest secret.

The hidden message behind your words.

What impression does your resume evoke?

Do you sound like a doer or a spectator? A leader or a follower? Do you come across as passionate about your area of expertise?

Example: Consider the language. Avoid passive tones: “responsible for XYZ,”  replace with active tones: “By introducing X, I increased Y by 35%”. This shift in language immediately communicates your proactivity and tangible impact, setting you apart from other applicants.

Extra trick: Try giving your CV to three friends, and ask them if it reflects your personality.

Get it right, now!

Get in touch with us to discuss your profile and potential opportunities, we’ll take a good look at your CV and make sure it represents you in the best way possible!


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