Beyond the CIOT Diploma: Tax Technology Training Guide

In an era shaped by digital evolution, tax technology has emerged as a pivotal asset for businesses, transforming the way tax functions operate. The demand for skilled professionals in this domain is soaring across the UK and Europe, prompting many candidates to seek guidance on upskilling.

So, with this in mind we’ve put everything we know about the training and development opportunities in this area into this downloadable Tax Technology Training Guide  and also below, with all the relevant links.


CIOT Diploma in Tax Technology

Tax engine certifications


Thomson Reuters 


Tax Systems

University courses
ERP Certifications





Alteryx Academy 

ICAEW Data Analytics Certificate Programme 

Irish Tax Institute – Tax & Data modules 1-4 

Third Party Learning

  1. Xyto Tax Technology Belt System Certification 
  2. IMF Academy Tax Technology Course 
  3. TTA – First steps into Tax-AI 
  4. BDO Tax Tech Certification


Wolters Kluwer Tax Academy Tax Technology Certificate

DigiTax, Antwerp Tax Academy – University of Antwerp 

PwC’s Digital Tax Academy

KPMG’s Digital Tax Academy


  1. TEI
  2. Informa
  3. Thought Leader Global
  4. Uniglobal

Certifications stand as a crucial gateway for tax professionals aiming to excel in an era defined by digital transformation. The landscape is rich with opportunities for those who seek to enhance their skills and adapt to the evolving tax environment.

For further insight connect with our dedicated Tax Team for personalised guidance on the optimal certifications and training aligned with your career goals. 

And, to make your exploration even more convenient, we’ve condensed all this valuable information into an exclusive cheat sheet. Reach out to our Head of Tax, Alex Mann, to access your PDF copy and take the first step toward unlocking your full potential.


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