Hot Property: What does the job market for real estate lawyers look like?

Recently, I spoke with a Commercial Property lawyer concerned with his prospects in the job market. He’d had itchy feet for a little while but had hesitated to explore his options for fear of finding little to no interest.

I was able to reassure him, and I reassure anyone reading this, that if you’re a Real Estate lawyer looking to make a move, demand is as high as ever.

It’s contrary to what we might expect, especially considering a looming Brexit and the surrounding economic woe, but property lawyers are hot property right now. Brexit is yet to make an impact on this sector; firms are desperately searching for talented Real Estate lawyers to take on the work that they currently just don’t have the manpower for.

Whether you specialise in Commercial Property, Planning, Construction, or Development, you’ll find yourself very much in vogue. Not only is demand high, but supply is scarce; you’ll have your pick of several top firms, all vying to bring you on board, and potentially be offered premium salaries as each seeks to tempt you from its competitors. If you’re a City lawyer considering a move to the region, this could make the transition easier to manage. We’ve also placed several Real Estate lawyers with a part-time or flexible working arrangement – so if this is something you’re looking for, rest assured that firms are willing to offer it.

If you’re missing something in your current role, or feeling like a change of scenery, then now is the time to take advantage of how much you’re wanted.

No matter your specialism, give Harvey John a call for a non-committal conversation about what options there are for you, and let us help you find a great new role (or 3!)

Hayley Rose is a Director in the Legal Division at Harvey John.

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