Treasury Market Report Q1 2022

Associate Director, Guy Middleton presents his latest market report…

After a relatively slow start to the year, with many recruitment processes being put on hold over the Christmas holidays, and very little appetite to pick up on these or commence new processes following the emergence of Omicron and a return to remote working, the ending of legal Covid restrictions across most of the country, along with the widespread return to normal life and the post-Spring half-term holiday return to the office, has resulted in a significant increase in levels of treasury recruitment at all levels in recent months.

Following the increase in levels of treasury recruitment taking place during Autumn 2021, Harvey John has seen a further increase of 175% in the number of treasury jobs being recruited during Q1 2022, along with a 167% increase in the number of successfully placed treasury candidates during this same period. These jobs and placements were spread across various industry sectors, with the non-bank financial services sector being particularly buoyant; and although most of this recruitment focused on permanent, full-time requirements, it was pleasing to see an increase in the number of both interim and part-time roles being recruited. This increase in recruitment activity is expected to continue as the year progresses.

Of particular note…

Was the increased urgency to recruit, and the streamlined recruitment processes being adopted by many companies to secure talent, which resulted in an increased number of candidates withdrawing themselves from recruitment processes after having received other offers, and those companies conducting longer, drawn-out processes frequently having to look at other options.

Hybrid working now seems to be the norm, although this means different things to different businesses. Although some employees are still working fully remotely, most are now back in the office 2-3 days each week, and for many, this is likely to increase to 3-4 days over the coming months, but with greater ad hoc flexibility when required.

Guy Middleton is a Treasury Associate Director at Harvey John.
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