Three pieces of Interview advice to remember

The Internet is a goldmine for various interview advice. (Check out our interview tips and short guides on how to ace both your phone and video interview).

Let’s focus on something that you don’t hear often.


Think of the bigger picture

Shift your focus from solely presenting yourself to understanding the needs and expectations of the team and company you are interviewing with. Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager and consider what they are looking for in a candidate. What challenges does the team currently face, and how can you contribute your unique skills and talents to help solve those problems? By approaching the interview with a team-oriented mindset, you can demonstrate that you are not only interested in the role but also in the success of the entire team.

Be Authentic

While it’s natural to feel pressured to present a polished and rehearsed version of yourself during an interview, it is equally important to remain authentic. Your future manager is not merely looking for a set of skills and qualifications; they want to get a sense of who you truly are as a person. There are consequences for faking it during your interview. Once you are in the role, you may struggle to maintain the picture you’ve painted of yourself which could lead to anxiety and possible conflict with colleagues.

Instead of focusing on presenting perfection, concentrate on showcasing your genuine enthusiasm for the role and the company. Share your true passions, experiences, and values that align with the organisation’s mission. When you are your authentic self, you increase your chances of finding a workplace where you can thrive, surrounded by colleagues who appreciate you for who you truly are.

Be professional 

While it’s crucial to be yourself, it’s equally important to maintain professionalism. It demonstrates that you take the opportunity seriously and that you are capable of representing the team and company professionally.

when it comes to interview advice online, it’s essential to delve into aspects that might not receive as much attention. Shifting your perspective to think about the bigger picture, understanding the team’s needs, and aligning your contributions with the company’s goals can set you apart in interviews.

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