Treasury Market Report, Autumn 2020

Is life returning to the treasury jobs market?

Associate Director, Guy Middleton presents his autumn market report…

Where are the jobs?

Despite there being a significant increase in workload within treasury departments in recent months, this has not yet translated into a vibrant recruitment market. A number of treasurers would have liked to have recruited for their teams, but with many businesses taking a cautious line on new appointments, there has been pressure to not recruit unless absolutely essential. Any treasury recruitment that has taken place has been at relatively junior levels.

What are the current market trends?

Managing cash flow effectively, and ensuring adequate funding is in place for the months ahead have been major priorities for almost all businesses in recent months. And as government initiatives put in place to help with these issues come to an end, many companies are now focusing on how they navigate themselves through what is likely to be a turbulent autumn and winter.

From a treasury perspective, this should result in an increase in the number of opportunities that come to the market. Larger companies may well opt for additional interim support, and we are likely to see many smaller businesses recruiting specific Treasury expertise for the first time.

Is confidence returning?

 Confidence is slowly starting to return, but controlling costs remains a priority for most companies, and this will remain a consideration when making recruitment decisions for some time. Treasury expertise is however likely to become a greater priority for many companies .

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