How Harvey John Tax helped Taxually’s global recruitment

Strategic hires, international growth planning, and a US acquisition


Distinct from traditional accounting and financial service providers, Taxually positions itself foremost as a technology company. Through substantial investments in software engineering, encompassing both talent and technology, they strive to maintain a significant competitive edge, ensuring the delivery of optimal services. 

With over 35 years of expertise in simplifying VAT processes, Taxually have successfully processed hundreds of thousands of returns for over 10,000 clients across more than 40 countries.

Through an exclusive arrangement, Harvey John has worked with Taxually on a combination of assigned mandates and opportunistic hiring.


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Our introductory assignment with Taxually was a niche strategic hire search in Shanghai, which enabled Taxually to break into the APAC market.

Following our success with this search, we were then instructed to appoint a qualified tax lawyer in Germany. The successful candidate was found in one week & contracts were exchanged in just over a month.

As Taxually continued to discuss their growth plans with Harvey John, we were able to utilise are unique position and expertise in the indirect tax market to report back on recruitment and market opportunities. Market opportunities have resulted in business leads and, in 2023, the acquisition of Lumatax.

Alex demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the tax industry and had a wide network, which helped with bringing strong candidates to our attention. He communicated in a straightforward way, as we like it, and never tried to dissuade us from our conclusions, if we felt a particular candidate was not a good fit for us. He was fast, efficient and well informed.” 

Michael GloverChairman & Co-founder


Our successful hires include:

German Client Manager


Indirect Tax Manager


Indirect Tax Enterprise Account Director 


Indirect Tax Business Process Expert


Indirect Tax Operations Director


Digital Reporting Content Manager


Head of Sales


VP Knowledgement Management 


Spanish Country Manager


UK Country Manager


Indirect Tax Enterprise Accountant



“I would certainly recommend others to work with Alex. He is readily available, has excellent experience and acts as a good sounding board, bringing creative ideas even if we are not actively involved in a formal search. This shows that he is thinking about our business and how he can support our needs.” – Michael Glover – Chairman & Co-founder.

Alex’s experience working with Taxually

“Taxually are a remarkably agile and inventive outfit, and every time I get the chance to showcase them to potential candidates, I really do enjoy the process. What sets them apart is this refreshingly open-minded leadership team – Mike, Stefan, and Fergal – who allow us to go beyond the usual client-recruiter script.

As specialists in what we do, it’s not just about filling roles; it’s about delivering real value. We don’t see ourselves as transactional recruiters; we’re in the business of creating connections and opportunities – and the team at Taxually let us play at this level. While recruitment is the primary goal, we’ll always keep the team in the know of market insights, potential leads, and business opportunities. Having this room to exercise our expertise creates a fantastic win-win relationship that goes beyond the usual recruitment dance.”