All I want for Christmas…is a new job!

Santa’s a little busy this time of year, so let us help with that instead!  It’s finally beginning to feel like Christmas, so let’s bring some cheer, joy and hope in finding you a new job…

Should you be thinking about applying before Christmas?

Yes. If the last couple of years has taught us anything it’s that when you get a chance you should take it. Who knows what’s around the corner? It’s been a difficult time for almost everyone around the world, especially those who have lost their jobs. It’s also been a wake-up call for many of you who might have realised you are no longer happy with where your career is currently at. With the market busier than ever, it’s time to get back and start your search for a new job! 

You may have some doubts about whether now is the right time, so I’ve taken the liberty to answer the questions you might be asking about job hunting during the holiday period.

Won’t most places have stopped recruiting during the festive period?

Possibly, so it’s best to get ahead of the game, especially if you have a long notice period and want to start a new job by the new year!

Also, Recruitment processes are taking longer than usual at the moment, so if you start your search now, you have a chance to get a new role, before the festive period even begins! Now, that’s a great early Christmas present…

Isn’t it a bit pointless to apply for a job before Christmas?

This is a common misconception. Although many businesses will close during Christmas week, this does not mean that December is a write-off. Yet so many people will put off starting the job searching process until the New Year

Did you know over half of the job-seeking population applied for roles in January? Why wait until the peak time for applications?

If you apply earlier, you’ll be one step ahead and being proactive is a great trait to demonstrate to potential employers. What many job hunters underestimate is how long the process can take. If you start the process on 4th January, you will be at a disadvantage compared to those who have already prepared.

Key steps you can take beforehand.

Firstly, you should update your CV. This is not something you should rush – it is a vitally important document. It is often your initial introduction to an employer and first impressions matter.

The translation of the Latin “Curriculum Vitae” is “The Course of One’s Life.” Surely your life story is worth more than a rushed 20 minutes!

Secondly, you can start researching the market. Find the job sites that are most relevant to you. If you are looking for accountancy, tax, treasury or legal roles, then you can find our current selection of vacancies here.

Thirdly, get in touch with a recruitment agency and find a consultant that will help you with your search. Contact them now – they will be much busier in January!

Talking to a recruiter is a really good place to start, especially if you want to start looking, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it. Recruiters have insider knowledge. They will know what a company is looking for, can help you figure out what you would be suitable for – and may even know of perfect roles before they are even advertised. 

They can also help with tips on how to update your CV, they will support you through the application process, give you interview tips and so much more. 

Finally, if you aren’t quite ready to start your search, you can always do a bit of background reading. We have a comprehensive library of blogs written by recruiters to help you along the way.

I hope this helps quell any doubts you may have had and I hope your job search this year will be merry and bright!

we hope you have a wonderfully festive break!

Alex Louise is a member of the Operations team at Harvey John.

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