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Your Precious...Data


Your Precious...Data.


Gratitude, Delight, Praise, Regard… for all the databases in the world.

When we think about human innovation and the progress that we’ve made - we can attribute it to the seamless transfer of knowledge. Information has always been at the center of our development. That’s why, with the invention of internet, we’ve experienced accelerated growth over the past decades.

Of course, we don’t have to refer to extravagant examples…

Here’s to all databases and the role they play in your daily life.

  • That facebook notification reminding you of one of your friend’s birthday
  • The note in your calendar saying it’s your wedding anniversary today
  • Netflix that remembers if you watched the 2nd or the 3rd episode of Black Mirror yesterday
  • The email reminder that your card/membership is about to expire
  • Spotify showing you that album you enjoyed last weekend even though you don’t recall its name
  • Your gym app / fitness pal that congratulates you when you’ve done well with your activity
  • That amazing cupcake recipe that your friend shared a few days back and can now be found on her feed

When it comes to professional life - you’re making use of various knowledge databases in your current position as well. Any register, article, judiciary decision, document published by the authorities, etc...

Our world virtually revolves around data.

As recruiters, our CRM is a core & crucial tool for all of our activity. There is not a single day or single task that we perform without turning to our database. 

Of course, we remember our candidates. But with time it’s easy to forget how many years someone spent in a particular function, or if the candidate is ACCA or CIMA qualified and if they live nearer Reading or Guildford! With an up-to date and well-maintained database the sourcing process runs smoothly.

We understand that you need to protect your data and therefore you’d like to try to minimise the number of places your details are being held. But, we’d like to encourage you to stay with us. We promise we won’t spam you and we’ll never pass on any information without your consent.

Keeping your details on our system may come in handy even a few years down the line:
  • If you decide that you’d like to check what’s out there on the market for you and reach out to us - it’s way easier if you’re on our system already as we’d have a track record of activity to refer to.
  • You’re saving time. There’s no need to go through the whole process of registering with us again - you can be sure you’re right ahead of the competition.
  • When we’re working on a role that would be a perfect match for you - we could let you know about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

So, as we’re approaching the introduction of the new GDPR policy in May 2018, we’d like you to make this Good Decision Promising Results and let us Guarantee Durable Profitable Relationships.

* General Data Protection Regulation


We are of course happy to have a conversation! Please contact the Harvey John team
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