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Three things to remember when going into an interview

The Internet is a goldmine for various interview advice. (Check out our interview tips and short guides on how to ace both your phone and video interview).

Let’s focus on something that you don’t hear often.


It’s not just about you

Realise that the interview is not just about you, it’s about the team you’re about to join. Change your perspective and try to imagine yourself as the hiring manager. What do they expect, what does the company need, and which talents could you bring to the table? You may try asking yourself: Which of the team’s/company’s/ hiring manager’s problems can I solve? And how?

Be yourself

You will find tons of advice on how to speak, what to say, how to dress etc… but it may give the opposite effect to the one you were hoping for…

What your (hopefully!) future manager is looking for is a real person. The reality of faking it during your interview is that once you are in the role, you may struggle to maintain the picture you’ve painted of yourself which could lead to anxieties and possible conflict with colleagues.

Be professional but be yourself. Let the real you shine through.


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