• 28 June 2018
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Why we’re fired up for action after Sourcing Summit UK

From the moment I received the invitation from SocialTalent (@SocialTalent) I knew that the Sourcing Summit UK would be a valuable event for Harvey John to attend.


Being responsible for sourcing training for Harvey John, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make us stronger, more tech-enabled, and better at attracting candidates. So I’m delighted that our managing director David Waddell sent me and our three resourcer colleagues along to this hugely rewarding two-day event in central London (20th and 21st June 2018).

Highlights of Sourcing Summit UK 

I had high expectations of what we were going to get out of the event, and it certainly lived up to those. These speakers stood out as particularly inspiring and thought-provoking:

  • Charismatic Dutchman, Henk van Ess (@henkvaness) completely wowed us with the extent to which you can find out a candidate’s life story (believe me, a picture really does tell 1,000 words!) 
  • Negotiating Skills expert Simon Horton (@TheSimonHorton) challenged us by questioning whether we compromise or collaborate when negotiating.
  • Czech technology innovator Josef Kadled (@JosefKadlec) urged us to be ‘over obsessed’, demonstrating tools that will help us stand out from the crowd. 

These and other high-profile speakers gave us access to multiple tools that will make us better sourcers and better recruiters. I certainly learnt a lot.

A chance to benchmark our best practice 

However, while these insights proved incredibly helpful and will influence some of the ways we work, my main takeaways actually weren’t the physical tools. 

For me, the main positives were less tangible than that. I noticed that a lot of what the speakers were discussing and inferring, were tools and ways of working that Harvey John is already utilising. 

  • Talent acquisition leader Angie Verros (@angieverros) reiterated the importance of following up with candidates and not giving up when you don’t hear back – a central principle of the way we work here at Harvey John.
  • HR tech expert Tim Sackett (@TimSackett) dissected the essential skills needed in the people that you hire to be sourcers and recruiters - all of which I recognised in the three resourcers that accompanied me to this conference.
  • Energetic Johnny Campbell (@JohnnyCampbell), who is almost a celebrity in the sourcing world, introduced us to Sourcing 2.0 - Johnny’s perceptions on the changing nature of sourcing.

Ultimately, I came away feeling that at Harvey John we are on the right track when it comes to best practice in resourcing. I’m delighted that these three points were confirmed by attending Sourcing Summit UK:

  • 'Don’t give up’ is already our mantra at Harvey John We have a process in place to ensure that we build relationships with our candidates and never simply give up at the first hurdle. Processes that we already follow were mentioned at the summit that appeared to be newfound ideas to a large percentage of the audience.
  • The people that we hire are the best These two days away allowed me to spend time (when I say time, I mean 16 hour days) with three of our newest staff – our three resourcers. Getting to know them I realised that they embody all of the seven essential DNA traits that Tim talked about. Recruitment can be taught, but gut feeling, personality, innovative spirit, intelligence and social skills come with the person. I came away feeling very proud of our team!
  • Harvey John is ahead of the curve. We keep on top of sourcing tools, constantly seek to improve our technical knowledge and often try out new ways of attracting candidates.

So, bring on Sourcing 2.0 - because at Harvey John we’re good and ready! 


David Waddell is Managing Director at Harvey John.

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