• 03 April 2020
  • Recruitment Room

Well being and working from home: Part 2

Continuing on how we can make working from home productive, while also taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing, we’ll look at other ways you can keep your routine and some ‘normality’ in these, (got to say it!) unprecedented times!

Keep to your usual routine

If you start work at 9 am, then start at that time at home, you may need less time to get ready in the morning but it still helps for you to set your alarm, get up, get yourself ready, have breakfast and prepare yourself for the day ahead. This is the same for the end of the day, getting to bed at a good time and getting a good amount of sleep will help you keep your mind sharp!

Leave pyjamas for bed time and weekends

I'm not saying to rock up to your living room in a full on suit, however, it's still important that we switch our brain to work mode by getting out of our slouchy pyjamas to something a little smarter but still comfy, I don’t recommend wearing anything that digs in as you’ll be sat down for most of the day. Getting dressed every weekday can really help you get out of the funk of being stuck at home as it marks a new day in a time that days seem to blur together. 

Keep in touch

Talk, talk, talk! I’m serious! Talk to clients, talk to colleagues, talk to your boss. It's important to keep communication open, you can boost each other up, share the workload, and get things worked out quicker when you have another person to bounce off of. It also gives you a chance to check in on people and create a sense of community and support, when people may be feeling anxious and stressed out. Sharing how you feel will relieve those feelings for both of you.

End you work day right 

You're still allowed to head outside for a breath of fresh air and a stroll, so when your work day ends, shut work down (like mentioned in Part 1) and step outside, whether it be in your garden, or a short walk outside. And if the weather turns particularly British, do a quick online workout inside. Then relax! Try something new, read a good book, spend time with your family, do whatever you need to do to keep yourself feeling good.

I know that we’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the situation we’re in currently. Just remember to take time to think about the good and be realistic about the bad. Take it day by day and, as a famous blue fish once said, just keep swimming.


Alex Louise is a member of the Operations team at Harvey John.

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