• 18 December 2012
  • Recruitment Room

LinkedIn or Out? That is the question!


Love or hate it?!

Time saver or time waster?!

Drive it hard or can’t be bothered?!

Look on-line and there are plenty of articles on how best to utilise our favourite professional networking site. 84% of senior finance candidates on our database have a profile on LinkedIn. I’m not going to name or shame but there are certainly some which are better than others!

Taking control of your on-line professional profile with a completed, accurate and well thought out profile is essential. Today, first impressions commonly happen on-line, with potential clients, business partners and employers researching people ahead of key meetings and interviews. We are finding that most clients will do their own research on the shortlisted candidates at some point during the recruitment process.

A poor profile could make all the difference to you getting the nod of approval or it going in the other direction! Of course, a structured recruitment process with sound competency based questioning will, in the majority of cases, end with the selection of the right candidate but if it comes down to two or three in the running, a good profile could make all the difference!

Literally as I write this, we have a candidate at second interview stage for a Partner role at a top4 firm in the City. A fantastic opportunity for the candidate and certainly an introduction fee that would kick-start the New Year. When we noticed that the candidate had connected with the Senior Partner last week it literally sent a shudder to the core! The client is looking for a business winner, a networker, someone with a wider perspective on business development! Although he has got through the first interview stage without a problem further investigation to their decision making will show he has 8 connections on his LinkedIn profile! Not exactly the profile of a candidate with the key attributes they are looking for! One quick call and his profile no longer existed! (I am pleased to say he has now progressed to a third interview!)

A good profile will have a concise summary, an accurate list of previous employers, a decent photo with a selection of credible recommendations and of course, as many connections as you can possibly have (here are some more suggestions for boosting your LinkedIn profile).


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