• 21 June 2018
  • Recruitment Room

Jackpot: You got the job offer!

Congratulations! Finally, you got the offer. If you’re thinking of accepting, this means that your salary expectations have probably been met. 

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Now, what other elements of the offer are worth a closer look? It all starts with asking yourself a question: “What’s important to me?”

Progression: Do you have a clear view on the promotion opportunities? Any timeframes for this to happen? Clear goals / KPIs to meet in order to secure the advancement?

Learning: Will the new position require you learn a lot? Are you going to be supported in this process by the company? Training budget?

Mentorship: Is there someone who’s going to help you with your development? Who could support you during challenging moments? 

Flexibility: Are you able to work from home at times without any hassle? Will you be able to fit your life commitments around this new role? 

Location: Sometimes obvious but location can really affect your well-being. A long commute means you’ll be less efficient and will also impact your work-life balance.

Balance: What’s the real overtime policy? Will you need to be available evenings and weekends? Is it a 9-5.30 but no-one leaves before 7 pm?


Sound career advice. Always under 200 words.

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