• 15 January 2019
  • Recruitment Room

Is your CV as good as you think?

After my first blog got 18 views in its first week (thanks mum) I wanted to write some more about what it is that we do as recruiters and specifically keywords for CVs and job adverts. Recently I’ve discovered a website called TagCrowd.com where you can post a block of text and see which words are most noticeable to a reader. It sounds like something you wouldn’t need but having put my job adverts through it and getting some results I didn’t expect, I had a terrible thought:

What on earth would my CV look like through this?


So my CV comes out like this and I have to say, it’s an unfocused mess. My time at university has the same clout as my year working as a zip line instructor and my relevant industry experience is barely there at all (I spent a year in industry, can anybody tell what I was doing from reading this?). I can take away a small win that “business”, “experience” and “skills” are all keywords, but anybody can put that on a CV, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

I decided I couldn’t be alone in this so asked my colleagues to send in their TagCrowds of their CV. I don’t think anybody’s was on the same level as mine but Alex Mann impressively mentioned rugby more than his experience or his degree, good to see he had his priorities in line.

Are you confident your CV shows the right skills to any future employers? I highly recommend visiting TagCrowd.com and having a look for yourself. Let me know if any of your CVs come out as badly as mine! We’re happy to help focus your CV on the right areas and make sure the impression you’re giving is the right one. (Read our past blog “Get your CV to the top of the pile” for helpful suggestions)


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