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Indirect Tax & Tax Technology | May '19 Newsletter

Traditionally, Spring is a busy time of year for the indirect tax job market. It's presents a perfect time for professionals to secure a new role before approaching the holiday season, which, as many of you may know, can delay recruitment processes somewhat. With the constant growth of tax technology and an increasing demand for international VAT professionals, perhaps we'll see a non-linear trend this year. 

Our 'Becoming' blog series has really started to kick off over the past few months. This is a series that presents the stories of how tax leaders achieve their roles and also the advice they can share with our tax network. Our latest two interviews are featured below! 

And for our first Tax Poll of the Month, we were pretty pleased to see 183 responses trickle in. For those that are new to our newsletter, this is where we'd like to hear from you. Each month, we'll be continuing to ask the burning industry questions in the form of our monthly poll and, once collated, we'll share the results in next month's newsletter. With its continued growth, we can provide more and more meaningful data for you.

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Do you feel that indirect tax builds an effective case for investment from your wider business finance division?

A clear answer can be seen in the results, and not surprisingly, it's the professional services sector that's highlighted a significant need for indirect tax services growth.

Tax poll May 2019

Does you business / team plan to appoint a tax technology professional?

Quite literally, it couldn't be more evenly split than this. With VAT digitalisation being at its most prevalent point to date, and direct tax following suit (in the UK), it will be interesting to see how different these results will be in a years time.

Tax poll May 2019

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May 19' Market Round-Up

Indirect Tax & Tax Technology

Commerce & Industry:

  • 42 new jobs were released across the UK & Ireland, BENELUX, & DACH regions with demand highest (40.5%) at the Manager grade.

  • BENELUX continues to remain the flattest, only propped up by a scattering of jobs in the Netherlands.

  • The biggest increase in activity was seen in Germany & Switzerland, with opportunities advertised from Analyst to Global Director level.

  • The UK boasts many new jobs but what’s particularly interesting is the number of unfilled vacancies from Q1.

  • In-house tax technology hiring remains low. With the exception of one position in Germany and some interim assignment, we’re only really seeing technology skills being recruited when merged with general indirect tax roles.

Professional Services:

  • The DACH market has seen a significant increase in recruitment this month, particularly in the Big 4. The highest demand is at the Assistant Manager to Manager grade.

  • Big 4 firms in the UK continue to ramp up their recruitment efforts to bolster their sector specialisms.

  • Mid tier firms in the UK & BENELUX are investing in trainees and VAT Assistants to build their pipeline of qualified advisors.

  • Firms in the UK have released some interesting non-client facing roles in knowledge management to appeal to those looking for a more technical stimulus.

  • Big 4 teams in Switzerland have really shifted their focus to tax technology, with new hires joining in August.

Financial Services & Insurance (Indirect Tax)

We’ve seen strong activity in the UK market throughout May with most in-house positions pitched at the Manager grade (in line with the age-old trope of practice professionals moving into industry after 4+ years experience). From tracking the seniority of FS indirect tax positions, these were the key findings;

  • Almost all of the 13 positions fell within the banking and transactional services industry

  • There were no entry level positions!

  • There’s been strong executive level activity, with two Head of VAT positions in two weeks

In the BENELUX region, it’s not been as active. Although stable, recruitment has again been focused on the Manager grade with three positions, and the rest being for Senior Analysts.

Customs & Global Trade

Coming out of a busy year-end and transitioning into the first month of the fiscal year, budgets are being reviewed and more opportunities are arising.

In what's been a continuous trend in 2019, another 23 vacancies have opened whilst numerous roles in upper management remain open from Q1. There's still a high demand for specialists entering the market at the Analyst / Officer level, however leadership roles remain fewer and far between.

It's evident however, that there's awareness growing around the market and specific skills are now required to work with international trade hiring trends.

"VAT's-up" in the Tax World?

HJ like to take a proactive approach in answering the job market's burning questions. With our Media Hub up and running, here's some of our recent industry news and content!

'Becoming' a Director of Global Customs with Fernanda Herrmann

'Becoming' a Director of Global Customs with Fernanda Herrmann

Fernanda is currently the Legal Director of Global Customs at Baker McKenzie in Amsterdam. Many might relate to "falling into" customs or global trade, but Fernanda decided to create her own path....

'Becoming' a Global Indirect Tax Director: Aicha Nianzou

'Becoming' a Global Indirect Tax Director: Aicha Nianzou

Aicha Nianzou, a Global Indirect Tax Director at WABCO. What's particularly interesting about Aicha's journey is that he hasn't followed the conventional tax route of working in practice and eventually moving to industry...

Non-compete clauses - How enforceable are they?

Non-compete clauses - How enforceable are they?

A VAT Director from London asks: “Are non-compete clauses enforceable?”
Yes, no, maybe. The short answer is that it depends on what you’ve signed and how restrictive it is.


Are you a Tax Expat?

You may have noticed our popular fortnightly series 'The Tax Expat'. In this, we interview tax professionals of varying levels, who have a story to tell about their expatriating experiences.
If you've had a career in tax abroad, we'd love to hear from you and so would our network! Please get in touch with Alex for more information - alex@harveyjohn.com

Are you a Leader in Tax?

Every day, junior candidates (our tax leaders of the future) pick our brains on what they need to do to hit the top. Yes we can share our opinions, but who better to ask than you. You're the one that has been on the exact journey and you're the one that's doing it now!
Another of our extremely popoular interview series is 'Becoming'. If you're a Director, Partner, or Head of, we'd love interview you and pass on your experiences to the up-and-coming tax generation! Please contact Josh for more information - josh@harveyjohn.com

We're pleased to host two invite only WhatsApp groups for Indirect Tax professionals:

  1. VAT Chat: P2P Knowledge Sharing - this group is for VAT professionals to discuss current issues and seek peer to peer guidance on an informal basis

  2. VAT Chat Europe - this group is for European Indirect Tax professionals to discuss VAT issues, share market updates, answer questions, & exchange ideas.

If you'd like to join either groups, please contact us.

Your Team | Alex Mann, Ed Moore & Josh Rapaport

Job seeker or not, there's huge value for you in having a long term relationship and keeping in touch with our Indirect Tax team.
So do feel free to drop us a message for a catch up call or simply to get an update on the EMEA market.

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