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Ask a recruiter: Job posts without salaries included

Continuing from our ‘Ask a recruiter’ series, where we share questions we receive about interviews, CVs, the application process, and more, we’ve got a new question to share which we’re sure many have been curious about. (If you missed our last ‘Ask a recruiter’ blog, have a read of “Ask a recruiter: Assistance from a different location“)

An Audit Manager relocating to Sussex from London asks: “Why are jobs posted with the salary as ‘competitive’ or ‘market rate’?”

There are a number of reasons why salaries might be hidden from an advertised vacancy. We understand that it can be frustrating for those specific job hunting using the salary range as a key search criteria.


There are clients who prefer to keep salaries confidential because of internal reasons or policy, or maybe it’s that they just don’t want financial information out in the wider competitive market. It could simply be so as not to exclude anyone with relevant experience, demonstrating flexibility and encouraging negotiation. Have you considered that it may be to attract a potential candidate to engage with them directly? Or via the recruitment agency, demonstrating a real interest to work for them as a desirable future employer and simply not making a judgement based on the salary advertised?

In most cases, there will most likely be a valid reason but, I’m afraid, there isn’t one answer.

At Harvey John, we predominantly work in candidate-driven markets with tax, accountancy and legal professionals being in such high demand. A high proportion of clients we work with may not necessarily have a specific vacancy to be proactively sourced. However, they might have indicated that they would be very pleased to see the details, for example, of a Planning Solicitor, Audit Manager or an Indirect Tax Manager should we engage with one. Because of that, we may take the decision to exclude salaries as opposed to giving a wide range, due to variation with PQE, a change in geographical circumstances (as in this case for our Audit Manager) or a real sought-after niche. Working this way allows us to work with candidates on their individual expectations, as opposed to what can sometimes be a strict client brief or inflexible salary range.

Either way, engage with us. If you see an advert listed as ‘competitive’ or ‘market rate’, don’t make assumptions. Schedule a time to speak and let’s work to your expectations and not someone else’s! You might be pleasantly surprised.

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