• 08 March 2018
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A brilliantly simple way to boost your LinkedIn profile.

Even if you’re among the lucky ones who are happy in their current role, a well-written, up-to-date LinkedIn profile is still a must in the professional world.

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You can find gazillions of articles listing various tips on LinkedIn.  As we’re dedicated to making the most of your precious time whilst supporting your career development, we compiled a handy list of must haves:

  • Summary (highlighting your achievements and motivations)
  • Location (that alone boosts your chances of being seen by about 23 times**)
  • A professional* photo (21 times boost)
  • Qualifications and education (17 times boost)
  • Your industry (LinkedIn will then suggest relevant jobs)
  • Skills (at least 5)
  • A detailed description of your current role

And yet, it’s still not enough. There is one simple hack that will make your profile stand out…

Ever heard a phrase:

Dress for the career you want, not for the one you have?

Let’s apply this to your LinkedIn profile.

The promotion you want to get or the new role you want to take on, imagine your future manager reading your profile.

Ponder what qualities you need to emphasise to prove that you’re ready for your dream challenge.

Define what you want and let it find you.***

*No pets, party pics etc. 
**According to Linkedin
***Paraphrase of the famous Charles Bukowski quote


Sound career advice. Always under 200 words.

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