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How to ace a phone interview

So, you’ve applied for a great role, (your amazing CV or boosted Linkedin profile worked!) now it’s time for the 1st confrontation: a phone interview.

Our crucial advice is: Don’t assume that you’ll just wing it.  

Instead, maximise your chances of success by following these simple suggestions. 

Do your research on the company and the role, as you would for a face-to-face interview. 

Timing. Schedule the call when you’re sure you can be fully focused and uninterrupted.

Dress code? Yes. Dress smart. Trick yourself into thinking it’s the real thing so you’ll sound professional and confident. 

Stand up when you speak, so your voice is strong. You’re also less likely to get out of breath. 

Have your CV in front of you, alongside the job description for the role you’ve applied for. 

Pace yourself. Think before answering the question. If you feel you’re speaking too fast, try speaking more quietly (this will automatically slow you down). 

Smile. You will instantly come across as more relaxed and assertive. 

Charge your phone and use the headset (far easier to concentrate, make notes, and have a better sound quality). 

Your ultimate goal: is to portray enthusiasm and commitment in a short conversation.


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