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Holiday Pay Policy

The Temporary Workers Holiday Pay Policy at Harvey John complies with The Working Time

Regulations 1998.

Holiday Pay Period

  • Harvey John’s Holiday Pay Period runs from July 1st until June 30th
  • This means that paid leave begins to accrue on July 1st and must be taken by June 30th
  • Accrued paid leave will not carry forward to the next year.
  • Harvey John may request in writing that bank & public holidays are taken as compulsory paid leave.
  • When taking a block period of leave, paid leave days must be taken consecutively.
  • Holiday pay is not accrued during periods where SSP, SPP or SMP apply.


  • Should a temporary worker wish to take leave, they must notify their consultant at Harvey John.
  • The notice period will be at least twice the length of the period of leave that the temporary workerwishes to take.
  • Notification by email/letter is acceptable.
  • Please mark HOLIDAY or LEAVE clearly on the timesheet against days taken as holiday.
  • Please mark the total number of paid leave days to be taken in the appropriate box on the timesheet.
  • In certain circumstances, Harvey John may give counter-notice to the temporary worker to postpone or reduce the amount of leave that the temporary worker wishes to take. In such circumstances, Harvey John will inform the temporary worker in writing giving at least the same length of notice as the period of leave that has been requested.

Calculation of Paid Leave

  • You may only accrue leave whilst at work. Obviously, different workers work different numbers of days per year. A ‘standard’ temporary worker who is contracted for 52 weeks a year will actually work 48 weeks (the other 4 will be taken as paid leave). For working these 48 weeks they will accrue 4 weeks paid leave. If a Temporary Worker works for less than 48 weeks, their leave entitlement will be scaled down accordingly.
  • The ‘value’ of each leave day is calculated according to the average number of hours you have worked during the 12 weeks prior to you taking the leave. So if you had worked 7 hours per day on average for the last 12 weeks and you take a day’s paid leave, you will be paid the equivalent 7 hours work for that paid leave day.

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