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The interview: More than just words. #ThursdayTips


Now you’re prepared for the job interview in terms of your inner game, it’s time to think about the message you’re sending with your body language.

Our posture, gestures, and facial expression are an essential part of the way we communicate.

In this inspiring talk, Amy Cuddy proves that the “body language may shape who you are” so when you’re getting ready for this face to face interview, it’s worth considering your non-verbal communication.

A few quick tips on how to leave a lasting impression…

Before the interview:
  • Fake it till you make it. Smile and stand in a strong confident pose. 
  • A firm dry handshake inspires confidence - rub your hands together to warm them up.
  • When being invited to the meeting room - follow with purpose and energy. 

During the interview:

  • Don’t cross your arms and legs - have an open posture. Don’t make yourself small!
  • Lean in slightly at times to show your interest. Tilt your head towards the interview panel. 
  • By revealing your carotid artery, you’re sending an unconscious signal that you trust the other person. 
  • Nod when they’re talking. This indicates you’re switched on. 
  • Mirror their body language -  a powerful way to build rapport quickly.
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